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[sometimes referred to as a WOD, but what the hell happened to The "T"?? Workout of Day?? Workout Ofthe Day??]
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  • Some of the names I use aren't spelt exactly/correctly. This is deliberate - as the voice system can't always say the names, so sometimes things are "misspelt" to work around this
  • Minor updates to the look & feel...
    • If you click the "go!" button while the WotD is running, it skips to the next exercise. The "go!" button TRASHES the countdown timer display, so it is inactive while PACED sets are running
    • I am aware of the rather annoying overlap in voice/speak timing when transitioning from one exercise to the next one, particularly on paced sets. SORRY! Update to follow ASAP
  • If you have NO KettleBells (ahhhh shame, poor you!!), you should click the BodyWeight button
  • The KettleBells workout has a mix of singles and doubles, so hopefully you have enough equipment/KBs
  • The KB Sport workout is for lifters focused on Girevoy Sport and supportive exercise/drills
  • The workouts are designed so that you CAN/COULD go up each round. HOWEVER...
    • If you're finding the pace to be too SLOW, then either work heavier, OR, spend more time in the lockout position!
    • as a rule-of-thumb, ONLY go up if you managed the previous round OK/comfortably
    • If you didn't manage (comfortably), then either stay on the same weight, or go DOWN in weight
    • FAST and Light is generally BETTER than slow and heavy. If you're missing reps, you're working too heavy
    • Swallow your pride - avoid injury - live to see another day
    • If the rests are too short for you, use the pause button
  • IF there's a feature you'd like, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or whatsapp:+27 65 862 4962.
    I can offer no guarantee that I'll be able to do what you ask, but I'll try. I also NEVER take offense, so if you'd like to offer comments/criticisms, you can do so via the same contact details.
  • Most commonly requested features...(I'm working on these...in approximately this sequence)
    • SubLoops: this represents some MAJOR redesign, so it will NOT be soon
    • A semi-intelligent random workout builder for VIP members and coaches
    • Video preview of the whole workout (a fast playback of the whole sequence)
    • Increment/Decrement (increased/decreased time and/or reps each round): also MAJOR redesign and NOT soon.
      • eg. round 1:60s, round 2:75s
      • Round 1:12reps in 60s, round 2:13 reps in 60s
      • Round 1:12reps in 60s, round 2:12 reps in 50s

Click one of the buttons below to go to today's workout

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